First Time Buyer Manchester Community

The First Time Buyer Manchester Community

The First Time Buyer Manchester Community is a knowledge hub for all things related to buying your first home in Manchester and the surrounding areas like Bolton & Stockport, though Manchester is the main focus. Every week new content is posted in the Facebook group which you can find here.

The content is split into different areas which you can read more about below.


First Time Buyer Dictionary

Over a hundred definitions of terms and phrases that you may come across when buying your first house. They are broken down into four main sections:

  • Mortgages
  • House Hunting
  • Legal Terms
  • Insurance

Jamie Explains

A series of short 30 second videos covering mainly mortgage related topics that you should consider if you are a first time buyer in Manchester.

Join the Facebook community to see new videos as they are released.

First Time Buyer Manchester Property Highlights

Each week a featured property is posted. There’s a quick overview of the property’s price, location, pros and cons.

Keep up to date with property highlights in the group or see previous highlights.

Why I set up the First Time Buyer Manchester Community

The group was set up with the aim of educating first time buyers in Manchester. I might be able to talk all day about mortgages, but the group is about more than that.

Fist Time Buyers often ask me the same questions. The chances are you may have some of these questions too. That’s why I’ve answered many of the reoccurring questions in these short videos.

There’s also a whole lot of jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations that people involved with the housing market use. They often forget that this is all brand new to you and you’ve no idea what they are talking about. This is why I’ve shared over a hundred definition in the group. You can see them broken down into different topics here.

More than just mortgages

There’s a whole lot more to being a First Time Buyer in Manchester than getting a mortgage. Often that’s the easy bit. The hard bits can be deciding where to look, understanding the legal jargon, and just feeling overwhelmed.


The community is a place where you can get insight into the Manchester housing market, and ask others about their opinions on things. But remember, once you become a home owner, stick around to help others!

Just for Manchester

There are loads of First Time Buyer groups on Facebook. Some of them are huge. What I wanted to do though is provide a place where you can get answers to Manchester related topics. Asking for reviews of area, sharing knowledge on local amenities, recommendations for people to speak to, anything Manchester and home buying related.

I get to help some members become home owners!

Inevitably some of the people who join the group ask me to arrange their mortgage for them. This is more of a bonus for me than a goal.

Running this group allows me to see what First Time Buyers in Manchester worry about most when buying their first home. This helps me prepare my own client for the best home buying experience possible.

Tips for First Time Buyers in Manchester

Be open minded

Be open minded about your search area. Don’t rule an area out just because you’ve not been there before. If there are some suitable listings, go and check the area out. You might be surprised.

Speak to a Mortgage Broker

I’m not just saying that because I am one. I’m saying it because time after time I hear of First Time Buyers making simple mortgage mistakes. It’s not their fault, they’ve never done this before. Mortgage Brokers are great value for money, and often free as they receive money from the lender. Get in touch with one to discuss all your options, not just what you think your options might be! Here are some things that First Time Buyers in Manchester should consider.

Stay in control

You’ll meet lots of people who want to use their services when buying a house. They’ll also encourage you to use their affiliated services too. At every point you have the choice of who you use and you should pick the ones you are most confident in. You can’t be forced to use a specific service; this is called conditional selling.

Remain in control of your self too. Don’t get carried away when on house viewing and make sure you are always being realistic. 

First Time Buyers have power

Remember, that as a Fist Time Buyer you can be a homeowner’s dream. This is because you don’t have a property to sell that might cause a hold up for the person trying to sell their home to you. You are chain free.

If I was selling my home and I had two offers at the same price, one from a First Time Buyer, and the other from somebody who still needs to sell their own home, I’d pick the First Time Buyer every day, perhaps even if they were offering slightly less.

Plan Ahead

Get all your ducks in a row. This means knowing what you want, and what you can afford to do, long before you’re ready to do it. Be sure to have planned your deposit savings goal, setting up property alerts on Rightmove, and getting an Agreement In Principle.

Useful First Time Buyer Manchester websites

Find A Hood

Tell this website what is important to you when deciding on where to buy a home and it will suggest some locations for you.

Check out crime statistics in the areas you are considering buying your first home in Manchester.

Flood Risk Maps

Check if the area you are looking at is subject to flood risk.


Set your workplace and maximum commute time and see all the areas you can consider home hunting.


Set up alerts to make sure you know when suitable properties come onto the market.


Estimates of how much your home may cost to run and historic property market data.

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