First Time Buyer Dictionary

Manchester First Time Buyer Dictionary

Below are over a hundred definitions of terms and phrases that you may come across when buying your first house. They are broken down into four main sections, though some definitions appear in multiple sections. 

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The terms bellow are all things that you may come across when arranging your first mortgage. See here for things to consider when arranging your first mortgage.

House Hunting

These terms are all related to house hunting. They include terms that you may see when looking at listings on Rightmove or dealing with estate agents.

Legal Terms

When you buy a house you have to instruct a Conveyancer. They do the legal work required when buying a house. Here are some of the things you’ll talk to them about.


When taking on a huge debt like a mortgage, it’s important to ensure you are covered to ensure you can maintain your home. You can read more about the relevant insurances here.

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