In The News

Snippets of when I've been featured, mentioned or quoted in the news, including...

‘Watershed moment’ as sub-5% mortgages return

Estate Agent Today
9th November 2023

Meet the unmortgageables

The Times
4th December 2022

House price growth ‘eases’ to 11.5%: Halifax

Mortgage Strategy
7th September 2022

Find Your Thing and Go With It (Podcast)

Mortgage Marketing Podcast
2nd May 2022

Ongoing ‘race for space’

Mortgage Solutions
14th December 2021

Niching As A Mortgage Broker (Podcast)

The Mortgage Broker Broadcast
10th November 2021

Business Superheros (Podcast)

Advisers Assemble
1st November 2021

Halifax boosts maximum LTI to 5.5 times salary

Financial Reporter
20th October 2021

Why Jamie Thompson Mortgages