Make sure you get to keep what you've earned

Regardless of what life throws at you, your mortgage still needs to be paid even if your pay stops, or you aren’t around to pay it. This is where protection comes in.

When you become a client of mine I ensure that you have peace of mind. You will go to sleep at night knowing that; the debt on your home can still be paid if you are sick or injured and can’t work; that your debts can be cleared if you get a critical illness like cancer so that you can focus on recovery and not worry losing your home; and that your partner isn’t left with an enormous debt if you die.

Your protection needs will be considered early on to make sure that once you have your home it won’t be taken away from you due to lack of planning. This is part of becoming a home owner.

It is important to review your protection regularly to ensure it is still right for you. Get in touch to book a review.

What we will discuss
When you become a client of mine I will ensure that your home and life style are secure. Here are some of the products make that possible...
Income Protection
Your mortgage still needs to be paid even if your pay stops. Income Protection replaces your income when you are too sick to work, protecting your home, and your life style.
Life Insurance
A mortgage is a huge commitment, especially if you are having one with a somebody else. It's your responsibility to make sure you don't leave that person with an enormous debt if they are left without you.
Critical Illness Cover
When an illness like cancer, stroke, or heat attack strikes, critical illness cover allows you to focus on getting better, not worrying about losing your home.
Once you own a home you have something to give away when you die. A will makes sure it goes where you want it to. Wills are essential for anyone responsible for children. I can introduce you to an excellent Will Writer.
Living Together Agreements
With more couples buying homes before marriage, more people are opting to record how they will share and own things with their partner. I can recommend a solicitor to help create this.
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