Non-British Borrowers

Non-British Borrowers

It can still be fairly straight forward to get a stipend mortgage if you aren’t a UK citizen or don’t have the permanent right to remain in the UK.

The additional restrictions usually come in the form of requiring a larger deposit, usually around 30%. Read more on deposits for stipend mortgages.

If you have settled or pre-settled status you can be treated as if you are a British citizen with the best stipend lenders. That means there are no additional rules or restrictions.

If you are applying with somebody who has pre-settled status, settled status, or is a British citizen the restrictions can be waived.

See this guide on spousal visa mortgages. or this one on mortgages with pre-settled status

Last updated: 31st May 2024

Stipend Mortgages

Does your nationality affect how much you can borrow?

No. Your nationality won’t affect the amount you can borrow with the lenders you qualify with.

Nor will it affect the interest rate or other terms of the mortgage.

Your right to remain in the UK is very important though because if you don’t have the permanent right to live in the UK it will stop you qualifying altogether with some lenders.

This can be overcome if you are applying with somebody who does have permanent right to live in the UK.

EU Citizens with settled or pre-settled status

Deposit required

You can be treated like a British citizen.

This means that you could qualify with a 5% deposit. 


You will need to provide your UK immigration share code from this Government service.

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Non-EU citizens on a visa

Deposit required

If you don’t have permanent right to reside in the UK and you are applying alone you will need a 30% deposit. 


You will need to supply a copy of your visa. It must have at least six months remaining but in reality, it needs to be at least as long as your PhD to be considered.

Apply with somebody with permanent right

If you apply with somebody who has the permanent right to remain in the UK the deposit rule can be disregarded.

You can apply with just a 5% deposit.

You will need to prove at least 6 months remain on your visa, but realistically it should last longer than your PhD.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage