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Mortgage Broker in Bolton & Wigan

If you’re looking for a Mortgage Broker in Bolton & Wigan to get some professional mortgage advice from then this article is a great place to start. You may also find these pages helpful:

Last update: 22nd January 2023

How to choose a Mortgage Broker in Bolton & Wigan

Below are some things to consider when searching for a Mortgage Broker in Bolton and Wigan. If you’re a first time buyer then I don’t think you’ll find a better option than me. Check out my review on Google

1. Does this Mortgage Broker specialise in your situation?

When you’re looking for advice it’s best to get it from somebody that specialises in your situation. Not just mortgage advice in general, but your specific type of mortgage. Consider if you are looking for a First Time Buyer mortgage, moving home, remortgaging, or wanting a buy to let mortgage. If you have a problem with your heart you don’t just go to any doctor, you go to a doctor that specialises in hearts. Find a Mortgage Broker that specialises in you!

I specialise in First Time Buyers in Bolton, Wigan, and Greater  Manchester.  You can read more about me and why I love getting mortgage for First Time Buyers here.


See my first time buyer mortgage guide.

2. How accessible are they?

Buying your first home in Bolton or Wigan is a huge event and you’re probably going to have a lot of questions. There’s nothing worse than having to wait for answers to things. If you choose a Bolton based Mortgage Broker with a strict nine till five be prepared to wait. Consider if you need an advisor who is independent and more flexible.

In the mean time you might find an answer to some of your questions in this series of videos.

I recognise that you’re probably busy at work yourself during the workday. This is why I’m happy to take appointments with you in the evenings and Saturday mornings. To make sure you get the answers to your questions quickly I also encourage clients to use WhatsApp. It’s easier for everyone and I’ll happily get back to you in the evening or weekend.

I do all my meetings on Zoom or over the phone at a time to suit you. You won’t have to travel or take time off work or out of your weekend to get professional advice.

3. How much do they charge?

Some Mortgage Brokers in Bolton and Wigan charge for their advice, some don’t. They all get a fee from the lender for arranging your mortgage regardless of what they charge you though.

If you’re a First Time Buyer I’m unlikely to charge you. I’d only do so if your case was complicated, for example, you have bad credit. Read all about why I try to be a fee free Mortgage Broker for  First Time Buyers in Bolton here.

When is the best time to contact a Mortgage Broker in Bolton & Wigan?

As soon as you’ve decided that you’d like to buy a house. It’s important to find out what you can actually borrow before viewing a home and falling in love with it. You don’t want to leave yourself disappointed.

The estate agent will probably ask you for an Agreement in Principle. They may offer to get you one with their in-house team, but do you really want the estate agent knowing exactly what you can afford?

If you’ve already had an offer on a house accepted it’s not too late to get professional advice, but the people who get the best results are the ones who are prepared early.

Is it best to use a Mortgage Broker in Bolton & Wigan?

In reality you can use a Mortgage Broker from anywhere in the UK. It’s nice to keep it local though. For some reason I get more satisfaction knowing I’m helping somebody buy their first home not far from where I bought my own first home than somebody buying in a county I’ve never even been to.

Most of my clients are spread over Bolton, Wigan Manchester, Stockport, Warrington and the surrounding areas.

It’s more important to pick a Mortgage Broker that specialises in your situation and you feel confident can provide you with great service.